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Fabricating Custom Artificial Limbs for South Florida Patients

Huse Artificial Limb & Brace
The loss of one or more limbs is an experience that changes the rest of your life, but you don’t have to let this condition define you. With modern advancements in the field of prosthetics, today’s patients have a much better chance of regaining mobility than those from a few decades ago. At Huse Artificial Limb & Brace, we’ve served the South Florida community since 1992, and you can trust us to design a prosthetic device to aid in your recovery.

Quality Lower Body Prostheses

Since your lower body supports the entirety of your weight with each step, prostheses designed to work below your waist need to be extremely strong. Whether you need an above-the-knee or below-the-knee device, our experienced fabricators will use quality materials and modern techniques to create your replacement.

Prosthetics for Upper Limbs

While an upper limb doesn’t need to bear weight, the loss of one can seriously diminish your ability to do many of your normal daily tasks. Before fabrication commences on a prosthetic device to replace an arm or hand, we first need to determine your desired result. Our staff can create cosmetic pieces to replicate the remaining appendages, myoelectric devices to use electrical impulses for operation or mechanical models that utilize residual muscles.

Offering a Diverse Range of Services

No two cases are identical, which is why our artificial limb design staff has experience creating a wide array of products. For the lower body, we can provide devices that attach to the foot, ankle, knee and hip. For upper extremities, we create models to connect at the wrist, elbow, arm and shoulder.

Providing Assistance in the Miami & Fort Lauderdale Areas

If you’ve suffered the loss of an appendage in Hollywood, Miami or Fort Lauderdale, trust Huse Artificial Limb & Brace to create a replacement to meet your needs. To schedule an appointment for a fitting or learn more about braces and artificial limb fabrication, contact us today at 954-432-0355.

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